Although physically based in Northern Ireland (Norn Iron) in the seaside town of Bangor, Norn Iron Studio is mentally based in the inside of Cora Duncan's brain. 

When coronavirus and Trump were dominating the headlines back in 2020, Cora decided to spread some joy. Tired of the depressing news cycle, she wanted to lift her spirits and maybe other people’s too.


‘As a collage artist I realised that I could have a laugh by making a collage every day based on a Northern Ireland word or phrase. I had a lot of fun and I posted them on Facebook and Instagram every evening.'


‘Because my husband was raised in England, he’s always laughing at the things I say and because of that, I’ve realised that the way we talk here is hilarious and... special!! I mean do you remember how funny that Liam Neeson speech in Taken was?!!’


People loved the 'Norn Iron' collages and so, Norn Iron Studio was born. All current works are available in the Print Shop.


Thanks for all your support.